Air Conditioning

Our ancestors two hundred years ago would have loved to have experienced the hottest of summers from a climate controlled home. Whether your air conditioning system is old, out of date, non-existent, or in great shape, Farnen & Dermer can help you keep your equipment running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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There is nothing worse in the hot Maryland summers than to have your air conditioning suddenly stop working. Fortunately, you do not have to wait until you are experiencing a cooling emergency, or lots of humidity, to take care of your system. Annual maintenance on your air conditioner will help clean out the dirt and dust that has been accumulating over time, lengthen the life of your system, increase energy efficiency, and identify repairs before they become worse or cause a breakdown. During your air conditioning maintenance appointment, our certified technicians will:

  • Visually inspect your air conditioner for signs of wear or rust.
  • Check operating pressures and temperatures
  • Clean and inspect the outdoor unit
  • Check the refrigerant level in the unit
  • Monitor the airflow and check the evaporator.
  • Inspect the overall function of the system.

Farnen & Dermer offers an Energy Saving Maintenance Agreement for our customers. With our maintenance plan, we perform one cooling tune up, and one heating tune-up each year. By cleaning and maintaining your system regularly, you can be assured your air conditioner is operating at peak efficiency, reducing energy costs and lengthening the life of your system.

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AC Repairs & Emergency Service

Air conditioners never pick beautifully cool days to break. Instead, you may find yourself in the dog days of summer without a hint of cool air to be found. Sure, there are some DIY AC repair tips, but they will only take you so far… The friendly technicians of Farnen and Dermer have been meeting the emergency service and repair needs of their Baltimore, Maryland customers for more than 100 years. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we service all brands and models of air conditioners. Our friendly faces will have you enjoying cooler temperatures in no time.

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If you think something is seriously wrong, turn off the unit and call for help. Here’s exactly what to do if you need your AC repaired quickly.

AC Replacements & New Installations

Even if your air conditioning system is meeting your needs, if it is more than ten years old, you may be using more energy to cool your house than you need to. Farnen and Dermer installs energy efficient, Trane and Luxaire equipment that is designed to cool your home using less energy, putting more money back into your pocket, where it belongs. With federal tax credits, utility rebates, and energy savings, your new air conditioning system may cost less than you think. For a free, in-home cooling system consultation, contact Farnen and Dermer today. See our financing options.

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At one point, thermostats were nothing more than a switch on the wall, designed to turn your air conditioner on and off. Over time, they became equipped with temperature gauges that allowed the air conditioner to automatically turn on when the room reached a certain temperature. For many years, thermostats served this singular function based on the user’s preferred temperature. Eventually, a timer function was added to an air conditioner’s thermostat giving the user a chance to create weekday and weekend programs that met their cooling needs. Instead of maintaining a cool 68 degrees while the homeowner was at work, the programmable thermostat allowed the homeowner to return home to a comfortable temperature without paying for unnecessary energy expenditure throughout the day. Today, thermostats are one of the easiest upgrades a person can make to create a more energy efficient home.

  • Programmable thermostats are designed to change the temperature in your home based on the hours in which your home is occupied. The user is able to set several times and temperature settings, customizing their home’s air conditioning use to their needs. For instance, you may leave home at 7:00 am and return home at 5:00 pm. A programmable thermostat would allow your home to sit at a balmy 80 degrees until 4:45 pm when your air conditioner would turn on, cooling the home for your return.
  • WiFi enabled thermostats are equipped with technology that allows you to control your home’s temperature from your smart phone. Where programmable thermostats are ideal if you have the same routine day in and day out, WiFi thermostats, such as the Nest, can be controlled with the touch of a screen. They also come with smart technology that “learns” your daily routines and anticipates your heating and cooling needs.
Nest Thermostat

Air Cleaners

By now, it is no secret that the air inside your home can be just as polluted as the air outside of your home. And yeah, there are some DIY AC cleaning activities you can perform, but that’s still no reason to forgo professional assistance and efficient. effective air cleaners.

Every heating and cooling system is equipped with air filters that, depending on the quality, are designed to reduce the level of dust, allergens, and particles in the air. While they are effective to a point, Aprilaire Air Cleaners are designed to remove 99.9 percent of all of the pollutants left behind by traditional filters. Some people with severe allergies or sensitivities may be tempted to use a portable air purifier. While effective for a small area, the only way to address pollutants in an entire home is with a whole-home air cleaner. Electronic air cleaners, in particular, are known to trap particles as small as .1 microns in size while improving airflow within your home. For more information about air cleaners or to schedule your customized in-home quote, contact the professionals at Farnen and Dermer.

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Air Scrubbers

No matter how many times we clean our homes, we are often left with airborne bacteria, viruses and germs that gradually come to rest on all of the surfaces in our space. ActivTek Air Scrubbers use germicidal UV light rays along with a proprietary catalytic process to produce air-scrubbing molecules of oxygen and hydrogen. These molecules then work invisibly, without harmful chemicals, to rid the air in your home from dangerous germs, thereby keeping the surfaces in your home cleaner. Imagine being able to prevent illnesses in your family without constantly scrubbing with harsh or harmful chemicals. Best of all, air scrubbers keep your heating and air conditioning systems clean, germ free, and functioning as efficiently as possible. For more information about how an air scrubber can change your home’s health, contact Farnen and Dermer for your in-home consultation.