Forced Air Heating Furnaces: What Are They and When Should You Replace Them?

forced air heating furnace

If you own a home, you are probably familiar with the many options for heating your home. From gas furnaces to radiant heat to wood-burning fireplaces, there are many options. Perhaps you are just starting to look at homes and are starting to learn about the different heating methods. Forced air heating is a very common heating method, and it’s … Read More

What is a Whole House Humidifier (And Why You Need One in Your Home)?

whole house humidifier

During the warm summer months, it is common to use a dehumidifier to bring the humidity levels down to a comfortable level. However, as the temperatures outside drop and heating systems are being used in full force, you might notice that the humidity level in your house has dropped a bit too much. Low humidity levels can cause dry, cracked … Read More

What You Need to Know about Heat Pumps

heat pump

When it comes to heating your home, you’ll find that you have lots of options. Even if a home utilizes a fireplace or wood-burning stove, chances are that most homes will feature one of the four following heating methods: gas furnace, heat pump, oil furnace, or boiler. If you’re considering investing in new heat pump system for your home, then … Read More

Tis the Season for Annual Boiler Maintenance

boiler maintenance

There is a point in every home when you can no longer hide under blankets and in sweatshirts and finally have to turn on the heat. While a furnace uses natural gas and air to distribute heat, a boiler produces heat with water either piped directly into radiant heating systems or steam moved through a series of pipes to the … Read More

4 Things You Need to Know About High-Efficiency Furnace Venting

high efficiency furnace venting

Homeowners who are building a brand new home, as well as those who are considering the replacement of their current heating system, will likely hear high efficiency condensing furnace as one of their options for heating systems. A high efficiency condensing furnace differs from a traditional furnace in some ways. One of the most crucial, however, is the method in … Read More

Furnace Troubleshooting Tips You Should Know

furnace troubleshooting

During the cooler months of the year, it is important that your furnace is working and is producing the heat that can keep your home warm. If you discover that your furnace is not working properly, you should know the reason why. Take a few minutes and learn about the most common types of issues with furnaces and their causes. … Read More

Lowering Your Electric Bills: 2 Stories That Will Surprise You

lowering electric bills

No one wants to pay a lot for their utilities. In fact, if given a choice, most of us would rather spend that money on just about anything else. Month after month, year after year, we pay our hard-earned dollars to utility companies for the privilege of having light, heat, and water. Two homeowners thought their astronomical utilities were just … Read More

What is an HVAC and What Does HVAC Stand For?

hvac system types

Many people throw the term “HVAC” around like everyone knows what they’re talking about, Few people want to admit that they may not be as knowledgeable about what the term means and why it is so often associated with heating and air conditioning companies. So, we will ask it for you. Check out our amazing financing options for both Trane … Read More

Live in Baltimore? 4 Things To Know About Your HVAC This Fall

baltimore hvac system

Can you feel it? About this time of year when the kids go back to school, you can begin to feel a shift in the air. Heady summer air begins to hint at the crispness of fall and its accompanying seasonal charms. But before you grab a pumpkin spice latte and settle in for Friday night football, now is the … Read More

4 Things You Need to Do Before Using Your Heating System This Year

couple using heating system

As warm summer nights give way to cool, crisp morning and the smell of falling leaves, it is time to face the facts. Like it or not, winter is coming. But before you break out the sweaters and wool socks, consider adding these things to your “to do” list before ever turning on your heating system this year. 1. Replace … Read More