Two Things Everyone with a Space Heater Should Know

Two Things Everyone with a Space Heater Should Know

During the long, cold months of winter, it is often necessary for those that may not have a great heating system or those looking for a little extra heat to use a space heater. While space heaters are a great source of heat in specific areas, they can also be very dangerous and without the right safety tips and maintenance, … Read More

High Heating Bills and How to Avoid Them

High Heating Bills and How to Avoid Them

Even in areas that do not have a terribly cold winter like Houston, heating bills can get high. There are some ways to lower your heating bill and those can save you some money. In doing so, however, avoid doing things that will overwork your heating system. Saving a little on energy is not worth making your system not last … Read More

Winter Heat Pump Troubleshooting 101

Winter Heat Pump Troubleshooting 101

Your heating pump will be working overtime now that winter is here. However, there are many problems that can happen due to the extreme cold that may cause your heat pump to stop working. Fortunately, we have some troubleshooting solutions available for you that will help you fix it should something happen. What is a Heat Pump? A heat pump … Read More

Timely Solutions To All Your Air Conditioning Issues

Timely Solutions To All Your Air Conditioning Issues

Being a homeowner is not precisely a flashy title. Behind all the pizzazz and grace are loads and loads of endless responsibilities. One of them is ensuring that your AC is in perfect condition at all times. Failure to which will lead to unbearable living conditions. Purchasing heating appliances such as ACs can be quite tricky. This is where professional backup comes … Read More

Top 5 Hacks for Running Your Air Conditioner in the Fall

Top 5 Hacks for Running Your Air Condition in the Fall

After the simmering summer sun starts to give way to cooler days and nights, finding a level ground on when to use the air conditioner and when to switch it off becomes an uphill task for many. While comfort is paramount, remember that running your AC longer affects its longevity and increases your energy bill. Solution? Here are a few … Read More

Air Conditioner Making Noise? Here’s What You Can Do About It

Air Conditioner Making Noise Here's What you can do about it

You’re feeling a little hot, so you head over to the thermostat to turn on the air conditioner. What do you hear? Some air conditioner units emit a noise when they are first turned on; after all, an air conditioner is a large machine with many moving components! However, most units (especially newer models) continue to run relatively quietly. Of … Read More

Don’t be fooled! A cheap air conditioner will actually cost you more!

Cheap Air Conditioner will cost you more

When you’re in the middle of them, it seems like the dog days of summer will never end. Endless hot, humid days seem to be followed by endless hot humid nights when your home doesn’t have central air conditioning. For some homeowners, investing in a new HVAC system is an overwhelming expense. Instead, they seek out less expensive alternatives, usually in … Read More

Air Conditioning 101: Staying Cool This Summer!


Summertime is here and so are the hot temperatures that everyone expects. While summer is a popular time of the year because it opens up the possibility of more outside activities, it is the increase in heat index and humidity that can also make this time of the year miserable. Make sure that your home remains a haven for relief … Read More

4 Worst Air Conditioning Filter Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

air conditioning filter mistakes

This season, you’ll probably be using your air conditioning more than ever. As outside temperatures rise, you’ll want to keep your family comfortable and cool indoors. However, it’s important for everyone to make sure that your home’s air conditioning is operating the way it should be. One way is to maintain the air conditioning filters. 1. Not Changing It At … Read More