Air Conditioning 101: Staying Cool This Summer!


Summertime is here and so are the hot temperatures that everyone expects. While summer is a popular time of the year because it opens up the possibility of more outside activities, it is the increase in heat index and humidity that can also make this time of the year miserable. Make sure that your home remains a haven for relief … Read More

4 Worst Air Conditioning Filter Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

air conditioning filter mistakes

This season, you’ll probably be using your air conditioning more than ever. As outside temperatures rise, you’ll want to keep your family comfortable and cool indoors. However, it’s important for everyone to make sure that your home’s air conditioning is operating the way it should be. One way is to maintain the air conditioning filters. 1. Not Changing It At … Read More

The Pros and Cons of Wall Air Conditioners


Perhaps your home was built before central heating and air. Perhaps your home’s air conditioner was built in the stone ages. Or perhaps your air conditioner needs a boost in a certain room. Whatever your reason, a wall air conditioner can come in handy in a tight spot. But what are the real pros and cons of these models? Pro: … Read More

Is a Small Air Conditioner Better For Your Home?

The high temperature and high humidity days of summer are almost upon us. While kids are thinking about the end of school adults living without central air conditioning are starting to wonder how to cool their homes. It may seem like a simple thing, but anyone who has lived through August in Maryland without a way to cool off knows … Read More

Keeping Your House Cool: Tips and tricks that save you money

keeping your house cool tips and tricks that save you money

Even though winter is still rearing its ugly head from time to time, remember that summer is right around the corner. Before long we will exchange the jackets and boots for shorts and flip-flops and be hiding out indoors in the comfort of our air-conditioned homes and offices. But with that comfort comes a price. Fortunately, these tips and tricks … Read More

Leave Clogging to the Dancers: Early Warning Signs of Clogged Drains

early warning signs of clogged drains

Clogged drains seem to pop up when they are the least convenient. Guests are on their way over for dinner, and your kitchen sink won’t drain. Or the in-laws are coming to stay, and the toilet overflows. Then again, there is never a convenient time for a drain to clog in your home, office or commercial building. However, there are … Read More

Attic Insulation Options from the Comfort Guys at Farnen & Dermer

attic insulation options

As a homeowner, you probably have a lot of questions about improving the energy efficiency of your home with insulation. Heating and air conditioning are necessary to maintain a comfortable climate inside your home, and it makes sense to want to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs. Insulation is the answer. When you install insulation in your home, you can make … Read More

3 Reasons Why Now is the Time for Spring AC Repair!

spring ac repair

It hardly seems like an ideal time to have your air conditioning in Baltimore serviced as the northeast digs out of another snowstorm. But before we know it, the cold wintry nights will give way to sweltering Baltimore afternoons. That is why we are offering you the three reasons why spring HVAC repair should be at the top of your “To … Read More

3 Things You Can Do to Have Amazing Heating and Air This Spring

amazing heating and air

Spring is a strange time of year for your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. One minute you are turning on the heat to warm your family during a spring snowstorm and the next you are turning on the air conditioner to combat sudden 80 degree days. In between, you might even have the windows open to allow … Read More

4 Signs You Are Ready For a Heating System Replacement (Home Heating)

heating system replacement

Old home heating systems seem to fail at the worst possible time. Temperatures approaching zero? Massive snowstorm approaching the Baltimore area? Company coming from out of state? Those seem to be the most likely times that home heating systems decide to quit working, leaving you shivering in your kitchen and calling an HVAC repair company for an emergency service call. … Read More